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download minecraft crafting guide 1 8 pdf

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download minecraft crafting guide 1 8 pdf

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download minecraft crafting guide 1 8 pdf



download minecraft crafting guide 1 8 pdf
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Minecraft first came out in 2009; but just a few weeks ago it debuted on the current console generation. What makes this game endure, 5 years later – with over 15 million licensed players on the PC/Mac alone? It’s awesome, that’s what. If you’re late to the party though, don’t worry – this extensive beginner’s guide has you covered.

It easy to dismiss Minecraft as an indie game that really ought to have hired some better digital artists, but if you can get past the giant blocks of ugliness you’ll be sure to find at least one aspect of the game that really appeals.

For some, it’s about the adventure. Every world is procedurally generated from a random string of numbers – the seed variable. You need never play on the same map twice – but if you do find an intriguing world online (try searching for “Minecraft seed catalogue”), all you need to do is copy down the seed number and you’ll be able to create your own copy that world (of how it started out at least, you won’t actually be playing on someone else’s map, and their modifications and buildings won’t exist in yours).

For others, it’s the creative freedom allowed. Every part of the map can be dug up, cut down, and reconstructed as your imagination desires. It’s the complete digital Lego set you always wanted – and just as with it’s physical counterpart, there’s some incredibly talented builders and architects out there.

For others, it’s about mastering the complex systems of crafting redstone machines, or the simple pleasures of farming – establishing a sustainable food and resource chain. You can go as deep into the rabbit hole as you like, because there’s an awful lot there. And that’s not even touching on multiplayer or mods (modifications that change core gameplay or add additional features). Minecraft is available for Windows, OSX, Linux, all popular consoles except the Wii U, iOS and Android mobile devices.

Mobile versions (the “Pocket Edition”) differ slightly, and this guide was written from the perspective of PC gameplay.  Also be aware that development on Minecraft continues, so variations in crafting recipes or gameplay mechanics may exist when a new version is released. This guide was written mainly using version 1.64 (the current version is 1.8), but from a beginners perspective; the core mechanics rarely change, only the higher level items and features.

On the PC, a standard set of WASD keys control movement, with the mouse used to look around. Chopping trees, digging, and mining is all performed by holding down the left mouse button – your character will initiate the activity on whatever block your view in centered on.

When the task is complete, a small resource cube with drop and float. Standing near or walking over this resource cube will add it to your inventory. Attacking is also performed with the left mouse button, though you may find single taps are enough.

Right clicking performs a context sensitive special action. If you’re holding a bucket, a right click will attempt to fill it with whatever you’re aiming at: water, lava, or milk from a cow. If it’s a hoe, the ground will be prepared. If it’s food, you’ll consume it (keep the button down). Bows also fire by holding down the right mouse button then letting go to let loose an arrow. Sometimes it’s not obvious, so if in doubt try the right mouse button first: I’ve had chickens fly around screaming before because I accidentally smacked them with some seeds rather than feeding them.

Crafting is central to playing Minecraft, and it’s useful to learn how to do it before joining your first game. Crafting means taking one or more raw ingredients, and transforming them into something. If the recipe involves more than one ingredient, the ingredients must be placed in a specific pattern. Luckily, the pattern somewhat resembles the final product, so it’s not as difficult to remember the recipes as you might think (which is good, because there are thousands). Here’s some examples for basic tools.

There are usually two wooden sticks that form the handle, then the top part in these screenshots is made of stone. Yes, it’s a stone pickaxe – don’t question the logic. You can make basic tools from wood, stone, iron, gold, and diamond; but they all need wooden sticks to form the handle. Check out the mining chapter for more on durability and required materials for specific blocks.

When you first start the game, your character is able to perform some basic crafting from within the inventory screen – press E to open it. You’ll notice you have a 2x2 block of squares for crafting, so whilst you can make some basic things like turning wood into planks, you can’t actually make tools yet. How do you make tools then? You craft a crafting table.

A crafting table can be made by filling all four of your crafting spaces with planks; so you’ll need four planks to make one table. Once made, place the table by equipping it and right click on an empty space; then right click on the table to open up the larger crafting screen. You now have 3x3 crafting area to work with.   Certain items can stack in your inventory, and you’ll see a small white number in the corner indicating how many you have. If you left click to pick up a stack, you’ll pick up everything; if you right click, you’ll pick up half of the items. When putting them down again, left clicking will place them all; but right clicking will place them one-by-one.  Placing stacks of ingredients on the crafting area doesn’t change the recipe, but if you place enough stacks to make multiple copies, you can press SHIFT when dragging out the resulting item to create multiples (as many as ingredients and your inventory will allow). Don’t worry if this is confusing – I’ll show you in the video embedded in the “First Night” section later.

The building construction aspect of Minecraft is really so vast that a guide would be pointless. If this is the element of the gameшаблоны для dleскачать фильмы

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